Friday, September 4, 2015

New Klimty work

Talk about shameless self promotion. I haven't posted on my blog in ages, but now that I want to "show off" my SLEEPING BEAUTY finished art, I come here to blow my horn.  I say that because I REALLY like how this one developed!  I have been gleaning my rather pitiful stash in the last months. If it seems ugly to me, I have over dyed it  . That in itself is a small excitement because you never know how it will turn out.  Now I am a BIT more selective knowing that if I over dye something in its complimentary color , it may very well become exotic and mysterious as a result. Admittedly a few have become "mud" but even then, I have over dyed the over dye with some success.   It is reassuring to be the kind of person I am....sort of cavalier about the ultimate results.  I am NEVER disappointed that way! HaHa.

However in ALL my work, I have big problems with the finishing touches. I know HOW to block, square and bind my work. I'm just not very good at it!  Especially squaring up. And I even have a cross hair laser level to be as accurate as I can.  So this latest one has a slight wonk in the top....but better than usual. Maybe 3 out of 5 on the binding!

 I AM a bit worried/guilty about using Klimt's charming female face so blatantly. It is slightly altered in shape but more or less a direct transfer via the computer of the sleeping face. And me so vocal about others who "copy" other artists' compositions and colors.  I would welcome any comments and opinions about this as a matter of fact.

Here is they are....somewhat elderly couple smooching on the couch.


Alison Schwabe said...

I love the overdyes, very rich looking. I wouldn't worry about the face - a face is eyes, nose, mouth - pretty standard, not a lot to vary in a simple diagrammatic cartoonish plan like that - which is not to denigrate it at all - but it's a face of a woman lying with eyes shut. Period. I could say it bears some connection to Munch's The Scream', too, or a pic of one of our kids I took as she lay sleeping on the couch - it doesn't say 'she copied Klimt' to me.

ann said...

WONDERFULLY creative! When I tell you it is very interesting, I hope you do not take offense. Interesting is something I strive for in my work. I mean it as a compliment.

Cathy Perlmutter said...

It's tender and sweet, and you've definitely put your own spin on it.

Karol Kusmaul said...

I love your own original faces much better than printed ones any day. You continue to inspire me!! Karol

Funky Diva said...

Pamela, you always make me smile. I agree with Cathy about the quilt being tender and sweet and also what Alison said about the woman's face. Your pieces are always interesting, which I also agree with Ann. How was that? I was able to combine three comments into one. Maggie

LA Paylor said...

Klimpt is my fave artist.
More than the face it's the curvy reclining woman shape that evokes his paintings and it looks like his paintings. It's gray area to me, except that you admit it's inspired by an artist's work. At what point are they in the public domain?
If you say you were inspired by, and didn't trace off a face, is it all fine?
I am grappling with that because of using a graphic from the internet, to inspire a hand drawn image of a fat lady. I haven't shown it much because although it's original in content, uses no pattern, and all drawn by me, the woman looks a bit like the graphic I saw.
Let me know what you decide about this please. Circumstances are different but similar.

Helen from Hobart said...

"Elderly couple" NO WAY I enlarged it to check, and there is not a wrinkle on that face !!!