Friday, September 4, 2015

New Klimty work

Talk about shameless self promotion. I haven't posted on my blog in ages, but now that I want to "show off" my SLEEPING BEAUTY finished art, I come here to blow my horn.  I say that because I REALLY like how this one developed!  I have been gleaning my rather pitiful stash in the last months. If it seems ugly to me, I have over dyed it  . That in itself is a small excitement because you never know how it will turn out.  Now I am a BIT more selective knowing that if I over dye something in its complimentary color , it may very well become exotic and mysterious as a result. Admittedly a few have become "mud" but even then, I have over dyed the over dye with some success.   It is reassuring to be the kind of person I am....sort of cavalier about the ultimate results.  I am NEVER disappointed that way! HaHa.

However in ALL my work, I have big problems with the finishing touches. I know HOW to block, square and bind my work. I'm just not very good at it!  Especially squaring up. And I even have a cross hair laser level to be as accurate as I can.  So this latest one has a slight wonk in the top....but better than usual. Maybe 3 out of 5 on the binding!

 I AM a bit worried/guilty about using Klimt's charming female face so blatantly. It is slightly altered in shape but more or less a direct transfer via the computer of the sleeping face. And me so vocal about others who "copy" other artists' compositions and colors.  I would welcome any comments and opinions about this as a matter of fact.

Here is they are....somewhat elderly couple smooching on the couch.