Monday, November 12, 2007

Runaway Tooth Fairy

I thought I would throw this one out there forthe quiltart list. This is a second tooth fairy as a memento of the saga of my broken front teeth. It's been a year since the damage was done, and at that time a made a rather "pretty" tooth fairy, similar to a medieval illustration. At least that's where my starting point was. Now that the full enormity of it all has hit, I needed to make another one...bigger, more substantial and downright scary...something like my dental bill. It measures about 50"x60". I sort of started it with the same influences in the back of my mind...medieval hyper decorated and precious. But she would have none of it and became a kind of Frankenstein! So now I am embellishing and have come to a standstill. I can see that baubles and gemstones won't do. I am toying with the idea of using dental instruments ( which my dentist kindly gave me) as embellishment. I dunno....maybe too wacko?