Saturday, December 20, 2014

Neutral means more than beige

Well I know now that the length my thinking when I decided to try more neutral palette was about one inch . I was thinking NEUTRAL EQUALS BEIGE.  Now others are showing their attempts at neutrals and I am slapping myself when I see such beautiful COLOURS that are muted and almost neutralized. Lisa Call
 for instance just blew me away in their beauty.

Nevertheless I will show you in the spirit of what NOT to do.  When I was in art school, a prof once told me "Your first idea is your worst idea"  I was irritated at the time but his adage has proved very true. I just forget every now and then and get lazy about developing an idea.  These two are only okay.  A sort of what's not to like image but not very exciting.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Chicken clucking

Just so people understand that I am a chicken lover from way back despite what I said on quiltart this morning.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Novel about an art quilter

By Joshilyn Jackson  the novel THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING features a main character who is an art quilter. Her artistry was based on MY work that Joshilyn admired.  She commissioned an art quilt which was described in detail in the book. Of a bride, who uses recycled materials with bizarre embellishments like her child's baby teeth hidden in Victorian shoes! I got model teeth from my dentist to fulfill that particular request!  The author sent me the description before the book was even finished.  The headress had to be detachable because Joshilyn was taking it on tour for book launchings! I bought a wedding dress at the Salvation Army which is reborn as the subject's dress. I also did a dozen framed post cards for her which I believe she gave as gifts to certain people.  Here is the quilt. Also a couple of the post cards.

Joshilyn gave me a nice write up in the acknowledgements section of the book. It was a real honor to be remarked upon in this way. I felt sort of immortalized! haha.