Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lowell Invite

I was just tickled to open an envelope from The Brush Gallery in Lowell containing 25 postcard/invitations with MY quilt on it! Here is a pic although it didn't scan all that well.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I bin everywhere.....

Since April 16th I have been to Santa Clara , and Asilomar in California and Mahone Bay in Nova Scotia on teaching tours. What a whirlwind ! ALL the students created wonderful work, and I wanted to showthem off to everyone. In Santa Clara, I hooked up with some cyber friends ( QuiltMavericks to be pricise) that I had taught and visited with before, and as always, there were many giglgles at high decibal levels! At Asilomar, we had a whole week to really get to know each other, and during the THINK LIKE AN ARTIST workshop, everyone produced SO much work and seemed to be SO enthusiastic and hard working, that you just won't believe the results! Finally my trip to the East coast of Canada was so beautiful, as well as productive. I think Mahone Bay is about the prettiest part of Canada I have ever seen. I had a cottage by the ocean, and spent each morning sipping my coffee and watching the day begin over a tranquil bay ! Such a good time with the students too! Below see their exercises.....I think some are worthy of national show entries myself!

Santa Clara had a mini THINK LIKE AN ARTIST lasting 2 days.

Julie (a Maverick) rearranging printed fabrics and below, her linear exercise.

Dolores' linear study. Carolyn's manipulated stripes below.

Mary Ellen's composition with stripes. Yikes I can't remember whose the lower one is, but a wonderful two colour study!

Next came a whole week at Asilomar with the full version of THINK LIKE AN ARTIST. Each day brought two exercises concentrating on a particular element or principle of art.

Janice was a newbie to art quilting! A very talented and determined artist.

Here am I critiquing Josephine's portraits.

Del's black and white study...a delightful bathroom!

Another quilt maverick, Cindy made her triptych from her beautiful portrait of the previous day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Transitions quilt

I too have been accepted into the PAQA 2009 show "Transitions" I have been so preoccupied with hubby's health, that I had forgotten I even entered! Here is my quilt called WOMAN WAITING I. It is entirely hand stitched ( not quilted all the way through tho') and was a good project to have while sitting bedside at the hospital.