Monday, April 9, 2007


Some of you may know that I am an avid dollar store shopper. Over the last year, I have been buying up shadow boxes and frames...about 9"x7"....I mean who can resist at $2.00 each? I knew ONE DAY I would find a use for them. Well that day arrived last week, when I got the first commission I ever agreed to do from a cyberfriend/novelist. Her new book features a main character who is an artquilter!!!! Apparently based on me and another Artists Deb Richardson...we are all members of a cyber "guild" called Quiltmavericks ( mess with us and we'll quilt you to the floor)...but I digress.

She had an idea for publicizing her work. She would have me make 11 postcards . She would announce to 100 publishing/editor people that they would be eligible to win one. The postcards depict subjects I normally do....not related to the book, but within each composition, is the title of her book THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING. I made use of my cheapy dollar store frames, tarted them up with caulking and doodads and they came out really well!

I'm off to get more frames for the future...our dollar stores BTW are WAY better for such things than those in the US. I get bags of little kitchen utensils, teeny Harley motorcycles, keys, locks, brass fish,teeny tools an amazing array of miniature things for a pittance.