Sunday, November 18, 2007

Matisse getting it right

For those Interested...this phenomenon of revealing the earlier attempts in a composition is called PENTIMENTO in artspeak.


Beverly said...

This is an example of something that would pull me in for closer and closer looks- line, the use of value, a uniqueness. It has an interest for me that goes beyond "it's a drawing of a woman lying down"

So if this is an example of what you mean by personal (emotional) content, I get that. And I think I've also figured out that we only figure out our own voice or personal "stamp" by doing lots and lots of work. I like what I read in one interview with a quilter in the December QNM- "Learn from each quilt and let it go." I think I would add to that, keep applying what you've learned to the next work.
Thank you for your part of my "aha" moment.

PaMdora said...

Do you mean the ghost sketch lines in the early stages of the contour drawing of the figure? If so, this is interesting, I have never hear of this term.

Recently I've been working on taking sketches from my journal into the photoshop and filling them with pattern and color on the computer. I can correct the lines in photoshop, but find you have to be careful, because perfection takes the life out of the drawing. Don't know where this is going, but I'm always excited by contour drawings! Thanks for showing us a nice one.

Linda Cline said...

The hand drawn lines do give life to the painting, and the lines which were not erased completely add interest.

How does this relate to creating quilts? If I cut a shape from fabric (or if you look at one of Matisse's paper collages) you will only see my last attempt, and you won't see any erased lines. Or is your point simply that a hand drawn or cut shape is more interesting than a carefully drafted one?

Jill Smith said...

Pamela, what about using the same as l am in my quilt and thats ring pulls off can drinks also l am going to cut out shapes in metal out of tomarto puree tubes as when its clean and turned inside out it looks like copper but when the light catches it it looks fantastic, food for though.
I put on my blog that if anyone could send me some ring pulls l would send some classes to them and next thing a lady sat three hours pullng them of at work and sent me 300
Jill xx

Anonymous said...

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