Sunday, September 18, 2011

Texas Quilt Museum

Jamie Fingal has shown us her funky donations to Karey's new project, the Texas Quilt Museum. I also wanted to be part of this so have sent these two for  the Museum.  It's sure a better place than under a pile of other quilts that have been retired from the show circuit and relegated to "maybe -they- will- sell sometime- when- the- economy- gets- better" !  I was reminded of an artist whose solution to older work was to walk around town and just leave them in a park or bus shelter with a little sign saying "take me home".  Here they are:

                                                        CHILD`S PLAY REDUX

                                                            THREE VASES ALIGNED LIKE SOLDIERS


Jamie Fingal said...

So wonderful, as always, Pamela. I love your whimsy. Truly inspirational. It will be lovely to hang with you at the Texas Quilt Museum, so to speak!

lyric said...

Fantastic! Hmmm - I think I need to go through my pile too.

Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

Love this, Pamela! What a wonderful donation to the Quilt Museum. As Jamie said earlier, it would be great fun to reunite in LaGrange someday!