Wednesday, May 2, 2007

rotten teeth and quilt

Ack! I don't want to be dumped from this interesting group so I shall post something completly incoherent as I have just had my jaw all jackhammered today for implants in the future. I hurts like hell! I CAN relate it to quilty news though as I made a quilt called A VERY STINGY TOOTH FAIRY just after my teeth broke off and I had received that bad news that implants would be $10,000.00!! It even won best in show at the Paducah Lower town quilt walk:
I am so out if it at the moment that all I can think of is to bitch once again about that old saw why quilt shows that offer ART categories can't judge them by ART standards. But my Codeine is kicking in and I have to leave the room.
Love you guys,


judy coates perez said...

oooh I absolutely love this piece. the colors are gorgeous as well as the image. next time post a bigger jpeg so i can get a better view of all that fabulous quilting : )

Elizabeth said...

I agree whole-heartedly about the "art" standards vs. "quilt" standards in a traditional quilt show, even if it has an "artquilt" category. Pshaw! I don't enter standard quilt shows anymore--it just seems like they don't "get" my message and focus only on technique. Who needs that? I'm exploring open, all-media art shows or strictly artquilt shows and calling my pieces textile collages now. Seems to help a lot. Love your work!